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Virtuele expositie: Vincent Colliard

Dit is de virtuele expositie van Vincent Colliard. Wil je meer foto's van Vincent zien, bezoek dan zijn website.

"My name is Vincent Colliard, I m 22 years old. I come from France (south west, Basque Country) and I am studying there. I am fascinated by exploration. My last expedition was in Tierra del Fuego in 2007. I did 1000 km, solo, in winter (walking and skiing with sleds, kayaking, cycling, swimming). The aim was to accumulate experiences for futur projects. It was hard to be in solo but far away the best experience I lived in my life. I came back after 58 days of trekking thinking that we have only one chance on earth. That’s why it is good to enjoy it at 120%. Here, some pictures of the trip."